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Expert Witness Company Profile


Olver & Rawden

Consulting Forensic Engineers

Olver and Rawden Building
Green Lane
Balsall Common, Coventry
Telephone :
01676 532058
Fax :
01676 533267
13703 Balsall Common
Mr Steven A Rawden
Regions Served:
England, Scotland, Wales, Europe, overseas


Insurance Claims Investigation
Liability: Employer's / Public / Product / Professional Indemnity (Business)
Occupational Skin Diseases / Dermatitis
Ear Nose And Throat Medicine / Otorhinolaryngology
Tinnitus / Industrial Deafness
Musculo-skeletal Injury / Diseases
Repetitive Strain Injuries
Vibration White Finger / Raynaud's Disease / Hand-arm Vibration Syndrome
Respiratory / Chest Diseases / Injuries
Industrial Lung Diseases
Personal Injury / Fatal Accident
Personal Injury Causes
Falling / Tripping / Slipping Accidents
Hazards (Personal Injury Causes)
Workplace Hazards
Domestic Hazards
Manual Handling / Lifting
Lighting / Visibility Hazards
Sports / Leisure Injuries
Children's Play Area Accidents (Personal Injury)
Environmental Health
Notifiable Diseases
Consumer Protection / Safety / Trading Standards
Product Liability
Product Defects / Injuries
Child Safety (Consumer Safety)
Industrial Products
Wood / Woodworking / Furniture
Protective Clothing / Helmets
Household / Kitchen Goods
Nursery Products
Sports / Leisure
Snorkel / Scuba Diving
Leisure / Entertainment Facilities
Safety Issues (Leisure / Entertainment Facilities)
Theme / Leisure Parks And Equipment
Negligence (Construction)
Professional Negligence (Architecture / Construction)
Personal Injury (Property Insurance)
Construction Works
Health And Safety (Construction Works)
Access / Scaffolding
Demolition Work
Structures / Structural Engineering
Structural Defects
Construction Failure
Building Services Engineering
Health And Safety (Buildings)
Civil Engineering
Health And Safety (Civil Engineering)
Accident Investigation (Civil Engineering)
Insurance Claims (Agriculture)
Agricultural Machinery
Agricultural Vehicles / Road Use
Forestry / Trees
Forestry Operations / Safety
Engineering Testing / Failure / Disputes
Product Failure / Defect Analysis
Professional Negligence (Engineering / Production)
Machinery / Product Disputes
Engineering / Production Health And Safety
Industrial Premises Health And Safety Compliance
Safety Engineering
Safe Work Processes
Hazard Assessment (Health And Safety)
Protective Equipment (Health And Safety)
Machine Guarding
Industrial Accident / Injury Investigation
Occupational Health
Handling / Lifting Health And Safety
Engineering Machinery / Tools / Materials
Mechanical Engineering
Lifting / Handling Machinery
Lifts / Escalators / Hoists
Chemicals / Materials
Chemical Hazards / Incidents
Chemical Explosion / Fire Hazards
Chemicals (Effect On Health)
Electrical Engineering
Forensic Electrical Engineering
Electrical Safety / Accidents
Electric Appliances
Computer Technology (Information Technology)
Health / Safety (It)
Vdu Regulations
Distribution Warehousing Systems
Loading / Unloading Safety / Security
Freight Security / Safety (All Types Of Transport)
Road Traffic Accident / Offence Investigation / Reconstruction
Road Traffic Accident Investigation (General)
Road Traffic Accident Reconstruction
Accident Scene Reports / Plans / Photographs / Videos (Rtas)
Driver Factors (Rtas)


Have experience of:

  • Personal Injury
  • Professional Negligence
  • Legal Aid

Number of reports instructed to provide within the past 3 years: 500 plus (company-wide)

Number of times given evidence as an expert witness in court* within the past 3 years: 50 plus (company-wide)

Number of new instructions from solicitors per year: 200 plus (company-wide)

Training courses (designed specifically for expert witness) attended in the legal aspects of:

  • giving evidence in court
  • report writing
  • responsibilities of a single joint expert
* Court includes all Civil and Criminal Courts as well as Tribunals, Coroners/Inquests, Inquiries, Arbitrations and Civil Courts outside the UK. It does NOT include appearances at House of Commons Select Committee Inquiries

Professional Memberships

Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents
UK Slip Resistance Group
Expert Witness Institute


  • Mr Steven Rawden: BSc (1975); MSc (1978); Chartered Engineer (1980); MEWI ; Eur Ing ; MIOSH ; Fellow, Institution of Mechanical Engineers (1992)
  • Mr Steven Mason: BSc (1968); MICE (1974); CEng (1974)
  • Mr Simon Tutton: MITAI (1991); LCGI (Traffic Accident Investigation) (2002)
  • Mr Aubrey Corbett: BSc (1961); CEng (1967); MIEE (1967); FIEE (1993); MIEEE (1995)

Additional Information

Olver & Rawden was established in 1961 and specialises in the production of CPR-compliant reports. Engineers in all major disciplines with court experience and training in report writing and their duties as Single Joint Experts. We particularly specialise in: * Musculoskeletal disorders (RSI, WRULD, VWF) * Slipping, tripping, falling * Manual handling * Respiratory diseases (asbestosis, asthma, mesothelioma) * Noise-induced deafness * Health and safety audit and assessment * Road traffic accident investigation and reconstruction * Mechanical handling * Personal protective equipment * Materials analysis * Ladder accidents * Agricultural accidents * Horticultural accidents * Factory accidents * Product liability, specification and performance disputes * Construction site accidents * Working at height * Ergonomic issues * DIY accidents