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Legal Hub Survey

We are undertaking some research in to our Legal Hub website. Our aim is to understand how the service is currently used and the things that are liked and disliked about it; including what improvements or enhancements could be made.

We would be very grateful if you could spare a few minutes to complete our online questionnaire.

All feedback will be very valuable to us as we seek to develop Legal Hub and endeavour to respond to changing market needs.

Please click here to be taken to the survey page.

Many thanks indeed,Jacqueline Mowbrey, Business Development & Strategy Manager

Welcome to Legal Hub

Brought to you by Sweet & Maxwell, Legal Hub is an innovative new online legal resource for legal professionals.

Legal Hub provides you with a range of legal information and resources that make your job easier. So whether you need to browse our range of directories, promote your services, read about the latest issues or find CPD training, Legal Hub is the place for you.